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About Us

Mrs. Owope Veronica The Convener

I am a children minister, I have done this for over 3 decades.
It is my passion to see them grow in knowledge and understanding of the Lord Christ.
Few years back God said I should take the gospel beyond Church to their homes in songs, playlets and Drama via audio video.
We have 2 videos done already. Ist was titled “He took my place” and the other “In a race” 2005 and 2012 respectively

About Kingdom Kids TV

Kingdom Kids TV is a platform created to equip the next generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs, playlets, full drama and transforming short messages.

God’s desire is that children rule in all areas of their lives, hence this platform is created to help them learn what it means to win, how to win, reign and rule their world as ordained by God.

With the help of God, we will be raising Kingdom of priests and kings that will reign here on earth and eventually in heaven with Christ.

Our Vision is to carry the gospel to the homes of all children in songs, playlets and drama.

Our Mission is to bring them to Christ through songs, playlets and drama even as they have fun and learn.

Our Target Audience are children of all races, tribes and ethnicity between ages 0 and 13.

Watch out for us and all the amazing things we would be blessing your home and church with.