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Rebuilding Your Life After Addiction

Anna Mable-Jones, age 56, lost a decade to cocaine addiction. Now she’s a homeowner, she started a small business and says life is “awesome.” If you can move, rebuilding your life after addiction live in a sober living environment to keep building the strength of your sobriety. A change of scenery can also help prevent you fall back on your bad habits.

Unfortunately, addictions to certain substances are viewed as crimes rather than chronic health conditions. In some cases, just carrying drug paraphernalia is enough to land an individual into legal hot water, resulting in fines or a criminal record. It means, ‘I don’t feel safe enough yet.’ Anxiety isn’t about what actually safe or not safe, but about what the brain perceives.

Step 8: Start Dieting

Know the difference between helping and enabling. Helping takes into account the long-term effects, benefits and consequences. Enabling is about providing immediate relief, and overlooks the long-term damage that might come with that short-term relief. Addicts will do anything to feed their addiction because when the addiction isn’t there, the emotional pain that fills the space is greater. People will only change when what they are doing causes them enough pain, that changing is a better option than staying the same. That’s not just for addicts, that’s for all of us.

  • Your employer also has to provide reasonable accommodations to help you with recovery alongside your job, including making a schedule that allows you to attend treatment.
  • After you go through detox and rehab and prepare to reenter the world, it can be difficult to know what’s next.
  • This is especially important in self-help groups in which, after a while, individuals sometimes start to go through the motions of participating.
  • Children whose parents are addicts have relationship issues that need addressing as well.
  • Take a look at our state of the art treatment center.
  • Thankfully, patients can learn new skill sets while participating in rehab programs.

It started with weed , then pain pills and finally Cocaine. I have been living in my fathers house for 16 years. My ex spouse made enough money to buy a house, he is intelligent and he was a good man but not to me and our children. He spent all his money as he made it to feed his addiction. I thought that this was my test from God and I was so wrong.


You have put your body through hell in recent years due to your addiction. Why not take the time to do something good for it by exercising? It will rehabilitate your body and give you something to do other than think about your addiction and the profound effect it had on your life. As part of your life after addiction, you should make a concerted effort to eat better.

There is life after addiction. Most people recover – GBH News

There is life after addiction. Most people recover.

Posted: Sat, 15 Jan 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Your body’s condition is influenced by what you eat, and it may now be showing signs of malnutrition caused by long term neglect. It is crucial to minimize fats, cut junk food out from your diet, cut out sugar and unhealthy food and eat fresh fruit, veggies, fish, and lean meats daily. Also, drink lots of water and cut back on coffee or energy drinks. Substance addiction has left a giant hole in your life, and now is the time for you to fill that hole with something productive, engaging, and fun. Finding new hobbies is easy; try by volunteering, pursuing further education, or other positive and fulfilling hobbies to keep new life on the right path. A person in active addiction will do things that cross their own moral boundaries. On the inside, they will feel guilty and ashamed of what they are doing but the pull of addiction and the crippling…

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